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Quality Parts at the Best Pricing

Intersew USA, Inc. searches world markets for the highest quality parts at the best pricing. Not only do we secure the best pricing, we pass our opportunities along to you!


Quality is first. Many times a low price means sacrifice of quality. We are dedicated to supplying quality parts. We do not sell inferior parts just to be competitive.


Selection is just as important as quality. Intersew USA, Inc. has been in business for over 15 years. We began with just 1000 items to sell. In the 15 years of operation, we have increased our inventory to over 9000 parts. Our goal is to build our inventory with the parts for new machine models, along with the items which have been available for years. We keep a minimum stock of parts for machine models that are becoming obsolete. This way our inventory continually moves. We do not have to inflate our prices to cover the expense of having dead inventory on the shelf.

Friendly and Knowledgeable Service

Friendly, efficient and knowledgeable service is our promise to you. Intersew employees have a combined 35 years of Industrial Sewing parts experience. When you have a question concerning a part number, chances are our customer service personnel will be able to help you. We have parts books available on most sewing machines. We also have available technical service personnel who can provide answers to the hard problems you face. Talking to Intersew employees who understand the parts, and how they work in a sewing machine, is much better than dealing with people who only know numbers. Dealing with Intersew eliminates the frustration of dealing with untrained personnel.

Intersew's Exceptional Dropshipment Policy

Many times you depend on your wholesale supplier to make dropshipments to your customers. Intersew offers the best solution to your dropshipment needs.

Intersew supplies (at no cost to you) labels that go on each part package and on the outside of the cartons. These labels contain your name, address and telephone numbers.

When your customers receive these packages, they are under the impression that the package was shipped direct from your warehouse. Our name does not appear anywhere on the package or packing slip. Our UPS label shows only a shipper number.

This service allows your customer to receive your most important professional image. Not only is this a free advertisement for you; your customer knows the parts came from you, and knows they can re-order from you. With your phone number on this package they can easily call you for additional orders.

This service is offered by no other wholesaler!

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