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Textile Parts

Autoconer - Schlafhorst 107, 138, 238 - Murata 7-II
Winding Frame:
Schlafhorst Autoconer 107, 138 & 238
Murata Autoconer 7-II
Karl Mayer RC10 NG

O.E. - Ingostadt, Investa, Toyoda, Rieter, Platt Schlafhorst
Open End Frame:
Ingolstadt RU-11, 4602, 4603. RU-04, 4604. RU-14, 4614.
Investa BD-200MR, 200RN, 200RC, RCE, 160S, 200S, BDA-10.
Toyoda BS, HS-5T, HSL, HS-6T.
Rieter M1/1, M1/2
Platt 883, 885, 887
Schlafhorst SE7, SE8, SE9.

Sulzer Tw-II & Pu Loom

Saurer Loom 350 - 400

Picanol Air Jet Loom

Tsudakoma R-200

Weaving Loom:
Sulzer TW-11, PU Loom (Projectile).
Saurer 350, 400 Loom.
Tsudakoma R-200 Rapier Loom & Water Jet.
Picanol Air Jet Loom, GTM & PGW.
Yamada Dobby Type: EDP-3, EDX-3.
Murata Dobby Staubli, Type: 100 Schweiter & Ishikawa Ms Pirn Winder.

Knitting Machines
Knitting Machines:
Flat & Circular Knitting Machine Parts & Accessories.
Weft Needles, Feeders, Needle Clamps Etc.

All Selvedge Cutters
All different kinds of carbide cutters, selvage cutters.
No Picture Available!
All different kinds of yarn guides.
No Picture Available!
Dyeing Frame:
Artos, Famatex, Bruckner, Krantz.

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